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Firstly, I strongly recommend that you book a trial if you are considering having your make up professionaly done. It is very important to rule out any allergies that could occur, but will also cut down the application time on the wedding day itself and ensure that I can get underway giving you more time to relax and prepare. The trial takes between 1.5 & 2 hours and can be done in the comfort of your own home or with me at mine in a bright well lit room. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other, talk about arrangements for the big day and try some different looks. It is a great idea to come with some images of looks you like, either from magazines/pintrest etc so that we have a starting point. It is not completely essential, but please allow extra time on the wedding day if you have not had a trial.


On the wedding day itself I will arrive at a pre-arranged time to apply make up to whoever has booked to have it done. I have my own make up chair so do not require anything other than some natural light, so a bit of space near a window is perfect. I usually leave an hour for brides and 45 mins for other guests. I will use information collected at the trial to apply the make up, however, if you have completely changed your mind, thats fine... we can alter accordingly.


This make up is perfect If you have a special occasion you are hosting or attending. You can book a trial prior to the occasion or just book for the day of the event itself. The appointment takes approximately an hour and a half, again it is really handy to come with an image of what look you would like, but not essential. We can work out a look depending on your outfit or theme of the occasion.


I mainly use DIOR and Arbonne skincare and make up products.  I also supply a mixture of other leading luxury brand products ensuring a luxurious, lightweight comfortable and extremely professional finish. I recommend purchasing your own lipstick for the day so you can top it up as the day proceeds. I can help you with this and discuss it with you at the trial.

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